NOP (PTO 2092 Old Ford North) - various changes to no Waiting & loading / Parking Places / Moving and to introduce Pedestrian and Cycle Zone
NOM - Temporary orders (TTRO) for Mellish Street and Headlam Street
Upcoming Road Closures
NOM - (PTO 2089 -Wapping H St / Wapping Dock St) and (PTO 2056a - Hartley Street) Experimental Order
NOM - (PTO 2073 / 2075) Henriques St and New Goulston Street
NOM- (PTO 2087) Experimental School Street- one ways
NOM - (PTO 2072) Wadeson Street and Vyner Street
NOM - PTO 2077 Middlesex Street
NOM - PTO 2076 St Edmunds - Westferry Road
Upcoming Temporary Road Closures
NOM - (PTO 2069) Experimental Doctors bays
TTRO (NOM) - Shetland Road and Stafford Road
NOM - PTO 2034a Amendment to Brick Lane (Exp) Moving traffic, No Waiting /Loading & stopping and Parking places
White horse Road - Temp (14.1) Traffic Order NOM
(Temporary No waiting) (Hanbury Street - Chicksand estate, St marks Street, Watts Grove) NOM
Proposed Temporary Traffic Order - Hanbury St (estate), Watts Grove, St Mark St and North Tenter St
Blossom Street & Fleur De Lis Street Road Closure